Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8th grade

Wow it is the start of the new school year. Tyler is now entering 8th grade. Time has gone by so quickly. Life is going good for Tyler!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Catch up, time sure flies

Hello everyone. Long time since my last update. Tyler is now in 7th grade and is doing great. Sure he struggles in school due to his learning disability but with support and modified assignments he is able to complete his schoolwork.

Tyler has really taken an interest in video games, YouTube and making YouTube videos. Some of his videos are quite entertaining.

Health wise things are going good. He still continues to need his daily bowel management routine but other than that he is in good health.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

6th grade is here

It has been quite some time since my last update. Our summer was pretty quiet we mostly stayed indoors due to the hot days. In August school started. In our area 6th grade is the start of middle school and at our school that means going to the jr/sr high campus. it is the same school with the same creative arts principals and standards they just have two campuses to best fit the needs of a growing k-12 school.

6th grade is quite the adjustment for all kids not just Tyler. This year he is struggling so far with organizational skills and not turning in completed work on time. This will be something we will need to fix soon so new good habits can take place.  New to 6th grade this year each student gets a google chrome book to use at school and many assignments are done on the computer.  This part is very helpful for Tyler because he has such a difficult time writing and other being able to read his handwriting.

At the end of last school year the Occupational Therapist wanted to continue sessions until January 2015 when we will discuss it further.  It has only been 2 sessions so it is too early to tell if it is helping, plus it was not offered for him to attend during the summer. Have a great Fall everyone, since we are on maintaince now I likely won't be updating often, so don't be surprised if it is another 3 months or more before I blog again!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Updates

Well for the past 2 months Tyler has been going to weekly occupational therapy sessions.  He hates to go and tries to negotiate getting out of it each week.  The therapist says he is doing good but it is still too early to tell.  Out of the two months there has been several school days off on his regular scheduled day.  In brief conversations with the therapist I got the impression she might want to continue seeing Tyler longer than the trial period.  I think that is great because it is really hard to know if it will help him long run in such a short amount of time.

Tyler has taken a liking to the world of video games.  While I know it isn't good to always sit in front of a tv, I do think it has helped him a lot.  It helps him do some critical thinking, use fine motor skills with the remote and interact with other players both online and in person.  Don't worry I still make sure he takes breaks to go outside and play with friends but lately he has become a hermit if we don't force him to get off of the video games.

Send some positive thoughts our way. I put Tyler on a wait list for this 1 day program called Surfer's healing . It is a 1 day special event for children with special needs and they take the kids 1 on 1 out in the water to surf.  It is such a fantastic program and it is at no cost to the families.  Tyler probably will not want to go if he gets chosen but I think it would be a wonderful experience for him.  It is held in Southern California so we would have some travel costs.  Don't tell Tyler because it will be a secret and surprise if he gets chosen.  His anxiety gets so high I am sure he would stress himself out if he even knew I was thinking about it.  it isn't a for sure thing anyways since he is on the wait list.  If it is something God wants us to do I know he will find a way for us to get there as far as travel expenses.